• AFMIS based on FreeBalance adopted in 2002
  • Government cash resources have been consolidated on the Treasury Single Account in DAB and budget unit bank accounts have been closed
  • Accounting department merged into Treasury in 2005
  • IMF GFS compatible AFMIS Chart of Accounts (cash basis) adopted in 2005
  • Public Finance and Expenditure Management Law adopted in 2005 and Financial Regulations in 2006
  • AFMIS rollout to provincial Mustofiats and line ministries conducted from 2007 through 2010
  • 98% of payments processed within two business days after submission to the Treasury
  • Government debt obligations restructured through HIPIC process, debt management system (CS-DMRS) implemented, and debt reports published quarterly
  • Cash projections updated and presented to Cash Management Committee monthly
  • Constant improvement in accounting leading to the completion of budget accountability; WB loan and grant audited financial statements delivered within 6 months after end of each fiscal year
  • Over 400 thousand government employees (55%) receive their salaries through direct deposit to bank accounts
  • Improvements in transaction processing and accounting have earned donors’ trust and support for channeling their funds through the State Budget
  • Afghanistan scores better than many middle income countries in PEFA (Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability) assessment for the budget management features
  • The Treasury has set up a successful structure of managing capacity development through a small team of international advisors (5-6), highly skilled and experienced national advisors (25-30), civil service employees (200), interns-trainees in line to join the civil service (45)
  • Since 1387 workshops delivered -136 with 3987 participants trained, in 1390 six regional Training Centers established

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